Elevating through water

Water is one of the most vital elements in the world and it brings life to everything around us. The beauty and energy it holds is everlasting. Water works in ways that elevates mood unconsciously and not only embellishes visually but gives serenity to sooth the senses nothing like anything else. The sound of water and its flow make its more desirable to watch and experience as much you around it. We at FlowMatic work with water to elevate your spaces in ways never imaginable. With our team of experts, designers and visualizer we can add life to your home, office, garden or interior/exterior project.

Vision & Mission

We at FlowMatic thrive in ethics, quality and customer service. No job is complete until the customer is satisfied with the results they were looking for. We go above and beyond to amaze audiences with our expertise in water features of all types and sizes. We design systems which are easy to work with and maintain to give our water works long lasting life and keeping the flow automatic for years to come. Hence the name FlowMatic. Once our system is in place, there is little to no maintenance required. With best in the business experts, be assured to get quality solutions for your requirements everytime.

  • 20+ Staff
  • 4k Hours
  • 80 clients
  • 5 Cities
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FlowMatic is comprised of talented individuals who are masters of their craft and profession. With years of experience and young team we use cutting edge technology, tools and methods to deliver results no else can perform or tend to deliver. We set benchmarks for the industry which are hard to achieve due to our ethics, dedication and knowledge of our work. Our services don’t hold any borders and are available internationally anywhere in the world. So feel free to hire us for your job, we can surely reach and deliver our services in your neck of the woods. Catering to all kinds of fountains and water features is what we are good at plus following all international industry grade compliance to ensure an all-round satisfactory solution for all parties involved.

As much we take care of our clients, we take care of our team as well who are the driving force behind our success elevating us to a level where we can stand proud to share our expertise to the masses. With in-house manufacturing right here in Pakistan of majority of materials, we provide a 3s Service i.e. Sales, Services and Spare parts. Although our products are made to last a lifetime, we provide hassle free support and a one-window or one call solution to each query, being there for our clients whenever and wherever needed. By doing this we lead the market landscape and eventually being the best fountain manufacturer and providers there is, not only locally but internationally.




Getting started is fairly easy, you can contact us directly on our phone lines or if not the right time, feel free to fill the form. Just select the service below you are looking for and submit the details in the fields on the right. Our team will be in touch in your specified time to schedule visit or consult you on the phone on how to get started.